Doctoral Students
* indicates chair of committee, # indicates co-chair of committee
First placement indicated for students who have completed their degree




#Nicholas Bradley (St Andrews, Int. Rel.)
*Harry Fujiwara (CUNY)
*Nathan Maxwell (CUNY)
*Gabriel Movsesyan (CUNY)Food and Drug Administration, Office of Planning (Staff Fellow)
*Andrew Silverstein (CUNY)Streetwise New York Tours (Founder and Owner)



*Shaoying Ma (CUNY)The Ohio State University (Postdoctoral Fellow)
*Eric Osborne (CUNY)Pace University (Assistant Professor)
*Irena Palamani Xhurxhi (CUNY)Trinity University (Visiting Assitant Professor)



Pablo Crespo (CUNY)Etsy (Senior Data Scientist, Inference)
Lisa Höckel (Ruhr Graduate School)RWI (Researcher)
*Agustín Indaco (CUNY)Carnegie Mellon University Qatar, Department of Economics (Assistant Teaching Professor)
Hoda Nouri Khajavi (CUNY)Visiting Nurse Service of New York (Data Scientist)



*Ayse Sera Diebel (CUNY)JP Morgan Chase (Associate)
Paloma Moyano (CUNY)Emory University, Department of Economics (Visiting Lecturer)
Raul Segura (CUNY)Centers for Disease Control (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Morgan Williams (CUNY)New York University, Wagner School (Postdoctoral Fellow)



*Jessica Lynn Peck (CUNY)Zocdoc (Data Scientist)
*Timothy Roeper (CUNY)New York University, Department of Economics (Clinical Assistant Professor)
*Martin Ungerer (Köln)Deutsche Bahn, Big Data Department (Analyst)



Onur Altındağ (CUNY) Harvard University, School of Public Health (Postdoctoral Fellow);
Bentley University, Department of Economics (Assistant Professor, 1 year deferral)
Markus Gehrsitz (CUNY)University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Department of Economics (Lecturer)
*Stephen D. O'Connell (CUNY)Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Economics (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Aig Unuigbe (CUNY)Haas Center, University of West Flordia (Research Economist)
*Alice Zulkarnain (CUNY)Boston College, Center for Retirement Research (Research Economist);
National Bureau of Economic Research, Aging Fellowship (Postdoctoral Fellow, 1 year concurrent with Boston College)



#Vanessa Dräger (Köln)KPMG Luxembourg (Advisor)
Mei Liao (CUNY)
#Jesse Margolis (CUNY)New York University, Wagner School (Postdoctoral Fellow)
*Zhendong Zhao (CUNY)Ernst and Young (Senior Associate)



#Jenny Bennett (Köln, Sociology)Institut für Sozialforschung und Gesellschaftspolitik, Köln (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin)
Jang Wook Lee (CUNY)SUNY, Rockefeller Institute (Postdoctoral Research Assistant)
*David Lempert (CUNY)U.S. Department of Treasury (Senior Economist)
Luz Salas (CUNY)Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Department of Economics (Assistant Professor)



Takuya Hasebe (CUNY)University of California at Davis, Department of Health Sciences (Postdoctoral Scholar)
Ruoding Tan (CUNY)Analysis Group (Associate)



*Catherine Lau (CUNY)Carthage College, Department of Economics (Assistant Professor)
*Leigh Ann Leung (CUNY)Brown University, School of Public Health (AHRQ Postdoctoral Fellow)
*Bilesha Weeranatne (CUNY)Princeton University, New Immigrant Survey (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Yan Jiang (CUNY)Citibank (Vice President)



#Judith Niehues (Köln)Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft, Köln (Economist)
#Juliane Parys (Bonn)McKinsey (Senior Consultant)



Robert Widura (Köln)McKinsey (Senior Consultant)